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UN’s Copenhagen Climate Change Conference Target Of Intellectual Property Punditry As the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen looms large, one IP pundit tackles the thorny issue of global warming and the fallacy behind it. Said pundit also questions the benefits of first world nations sharing their hard-won intellectual property in order to help developing nations reduce their carbon footprints. From Gene Quinn's topical piece on these contentious issues, Say NO to Patent Sharing in Wake of Global Warming Fraud:

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British Digital Economy Bill And The Nebulous Clause 17

BBC News: The Queen's speech last month introduced the idea to the British public that there might be some large changes to content protection and intellectual property laws and was soon followed by the announcement of the Digital Economy Bill. Many portions of the bill's proposed changes to current IP laws in Great Britain were to be expected but one section in the legislation gave many cause for concern: Clause 17. Jonathan Fildes fills us in on why Clause 17 is raising the red flag for Commonwealth citizens and big industry players alike:

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